Historical Martial Fitness Conditioning

Rebuild the very foundations of your health and fitness.

Recovering from injuries or keep having set backs?

Like to become much stronger and more mobile than ever?

Bored with just working out & want to learn different skills?

Then you are in the right place. 

Build a more integrated you.

1. Not assessing? you're just guessing

Firstly lets have to look at where we are starting from and that means a good initial screening process that can help me to decide what kind of personalised training package is better suited to you. And from what level you can start from.

Are you plagued with chronic pain like lower back or knees? are you overweight? maybe your a martial artist who wants to be better at what you do.

Screens are better in person but we can do a modified version via skype.

2. Build the foundations

Getting your physical foundations right is imperative before moving on to more complex training, which is our overall longer term goal. This may include nutritional and lifestyle advice as well as the exercise or rehab program. When you have proved your metal here then you are worthy to step into the warrior ranks.

Here you will build your core, learn to breathe better, improve mobility and start to strengthen your body.

3. Unique Training Systems

In order to be stronger and more mobile you have got to put the time in. No warrior ever went into battle without training hard first. Wether you are a young recruit full of energy and need to learn to constrain and improve skills or you are the veteran warrior who needs to get more mobile and increase strength endurance for the battles ahead.

I take the approach that if you are not battle ready then you will be overcome. If your happy to be lifes hunted then carry on, but if you want to be the hunter then you have to be fit for the purpose.

Warrior Training will prepare you for all of lifes challenges utilising

  • Kettlebells
  • Mace and Gada clubs
  • Persian Meels
  • Indian Clubs
  • Bar Bell and Dumbbell Training
  • Rope and Chains
  • Staff and Bow
  • Shields work
  • Sledge hammers, tyres, sleds
  • Callisthenics
  • Shena push up board

You will soon start to get yourself battle ready !


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