Welcome to Momentum Fitness, Get fit, strong and more Mobile than ever using Mace, Clubs and Kettlebells. We call it MCKjitsu 

Specialist in rehab and training of people with chronic back, hip, knee, shoulder, ankle, neck, wrist and arm issues.


A Mace is aversatile instrument that builds tremendous strength and mobility. Will carve you a new toned strong body.


Two can be better than one, with the war clubs your training takes on a whole new perspective. Meels, Indian and more modern steel clubs.


The versatility of the Kettlebell is unprecedented, it can help build awesome strength and shred the pounds off very quickly. 


Because this is an art of three forms, The MACEBELL, CLUBBELLS and KETTLEBELLS. A very functional strength, mobility and physical conditioning system you can go through the grades from White belt to Black belt adding the skills and conditioning along the way.

Be tireless & Stay strong!

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