Health and Fitness in a Modern World with an Old School Twist

Hi I'm Neil Meekings a Trainer, Coach, Physical Therapist, Sports Therapist, Manual Bodyworker blah blah blah the list is pretty extensive. I don't mean to brag far from it, Ive just been around and studied for a very long time. From Martial arts to Massage over the years I have been studying all things health and fitness I have amassed a huge amount of knowledge that helps put all of the pieces of the puzzle back together again.

What pieces of the puzzle? well things like

  • Wether you need to rehab from an injury or you just don't seem to be able to cope physically with what you used to do anymore.
  • Perhaps you suffer from brain fog, tiredness, depression or something more serious like Parkinsons maybe even Cancer.
  • You find it impossible to loose weight and retain energy
  • You've lost faith in GPs and other standard health care providers.
  • Perhaps you are bored with modern training styles and looking for something different perhaps?

I have my own rehab practice in London as well as an online training and therapy practice. 

Exercise and therapy wise I like to merge Eastern and Western withthings like QiGong, Aikido, Karate, Acupuncture, Chinese medicine, Yoga etc with Kettlebells, Weightlifting, Sports Therapy, Fascial Fitness, Correctional Exercise, Functional Fitness.

Nutritionally I take the stance of improving the bodies auto immune system and returning ourselves to what I believe is the natural state for a human to thrive. This would be a diet high in fruits and some vegetables, NO MEAT and no man made products. Its easier than you think if you have the right mindset. But read through the nutritional side of website and decide for yourself I would never claim to know all the answers but its helped me immensely to recover from injuries, training sessions, cope with work and family life and reduce weight and build muscle and Im only 53 years young. What Ive learned over thirty plus years may help you, no fancy gimmicks, no promises just the truth as I see it. 

At the end of the day this isn't a perfect world right? things can be tailored to suit the individual but ultimately if you truly want to heal you have to be prepared to sacrifice.

One of the problems we face is that in this modern world we always want results fast! unfortunately I'm here to tell you that there's no quick fix. If your body has been wrecked because of years of abuse its going to take time to repair it. Sometimes what we think is good for us is actually having a very negative effect on us physically and emotionally.

The ideas I choose to incorporate are all founded in science as well as mythology which should never be discounted, a myth doesn't mean its not real. It all helps you to change and reverse the damage thats taken years to get to this point. 

None of this is possible unless you are committed to that change, anything worth having is worth fighting for and you will have to dig deep to get what you want.

Be tireless & Stay strong!

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