Health, Fitness & Rehabilitation in a Modern World with an Old School Twist

Hi I'm Neil Meekings a Trainer, Coach, Physical Therapist, Sports Therapist, Manual Bodyworker, soft tissue therapist etc. 

From Martial arts to Massage over the years I have been studying all things health and fitness and have amassed a huge amount of knowledge that helps us put many of the pieces of the puzzle back together again.

I call it Physical Healing or Physical Therapy

What does this mean?

  • Maybe you need to rehab from an injury thats new or old
  • Cant cope physically with what you used to anymore.
  • Perhaps you suffer from brain fog, tiredness, depression or something more serious like Parkinson's or maybe even Cancer.
  • You find it impossible to lose weight and retain energy.
  • You've lost faith in GPs and other standard health care providers.
  • Perhaps you are bored with modern training styles and looking for something different ?
  • Your own vitality and lust for life is depleted
  • You find it hard to get up in the morning and get motivated
  • You've had years of hard training and now feel drained.

The modern world may look good but its fraught with temptations that fight against our natural physiology and over time our super smart body and brains start to wear away and leave us open to all manner of problems. 

Repairing the body repairs the mind and visa versa. When you apply the correct loading with adequate repair then your physical results will exponentially increase and your mental clarity becomes sharper. Applying over loading with poor recuperation results in injuries and dysfunction leading to compensation patterns that are difficult to break free from, this in turn drains us and leads to mental fatigue.

Working with clients out of Roar Fitness in London

Exercise and therapy wise I like to merge Eastern and Western modalities, things like QiGong, Aikido, Karate, Acupuncture, Chinese medicine, Yoga etc with Kettlebells, Weightlifting, Sports Therapy, Fascial Fitness, Correctional Exercise, Functional Fitness, Functional Stability,Functional Range Conditioning, Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilisation, Selective Functional Movement Assessment to name but a few.

This is certainly not just lifting weights, but you might progress to such a level. Think along the lines of building a solid body mobility and strengthening foundation that regains the youthfulness which you have lost over the years.

Too many people try to fix a health issue with fitness and it just never really works, I heard Grey Cook of the Functional Movement System mention this and its stuck with me for years. We have to get to the crux of the matter first. To find the deep routed problems or cause and correct them. Connecting the mind and body for better movement and control. 

For instance I have many back pain sufferers who think they can cure their problem by starting to exercise in the gym with weights albeit lightly at first. The problem is if you have an inability to control say your foot and ankle correctly or you are unable to breathe into your abdomen for stability then everything will come tumbling down a few weeks down the line.

"Thrive don't Just Survive"

Can't tell you just how many people I see that think they are doing a good thing by their exercise and training but are actually adding fuel to the fire. The sad thing is many personal trainers and coaches don't even understand the fundamental basics that we need in order to thrive and not just survive. Taking a weekend course does not make one a specialist in these matters it takes many years of working with all manner of peoples to start to get it.

Traditional exercise and rehab programs are fraught with dangers mainly because they are aimed at the masses instead of us as an individual. 

At the end of the day this isn't a perfect world right? things can be tailored to suit the individual but ultimately if you truly want to heal, improve and thrive then you have to be prepared to sacrifice. In this case the sacrifice is time and also losing the ego.

One of the problems we face in the modern world is that we always want results fast! unfortunately I'm here to burst that bubbles and tell you sorry there's no quick fix. If your body has been wrecked because of years of abuse its going to take some time to repair it. What we think is good for us can actually be having a very negative effect both physically and emotionally.

The ideas I choose to incorporate are mostly founded in science as well as in practice, which should never be discounted as practice is real world implementation. It all helps us to change and reverse the damage thats taken years to get to the point where we are now. 

None of this is possible unless we are committed to that change! anything worth having is worth fighting for and you will have to dig deep to get what you want.


Nutritionally I take the stance of improving the bodies auto immune system and returning ourselves to what I believe is the natural state for a human to thrive. This would be a diet high in fruits and some vegetables, little to no meat and a limit to man made products as much as possible. Its easier than you think if you have the right mindset. Please take a look through the nutritional side of this website and decide for yourself, I would never claim to know all the answers but this helped me immensely to recover from injuries, training sessions, cope with work and family life and reduce weight whilst building muscle and I'm only 53 years young. What I've learned over thirty plus years in all things health and fitness related may just help you, no fancy gimmicks, no promises just the truth as I see it. 

Ensure yourself a better tomorrow! working with me to transform your life for good!

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