Active Release Techniques

Experience Active Release Techniques in Essex with Momentum Fitness

Can Active Release Technique help treat pain?

Active Release Techniques, also sometimes called Active Release Therapy is a highly effective technique for treating neck pain, back pain, shoulder injuries etc… In fact, Active Release is highly effective in treating all manor of soft tissue problems, including nerve pain and nerve entrapment. Developed in North America over 30 years ago by Dr Mike Leahy DC, Active Release Therapy has evolved to be one of the worlds leading manual therapy treatments. It’s often referred to as the ‘gold standard’ in soft tissue treatment and is widely used by sports teams and professional athletes.

Specialist Active Release in Essex/London

Momentum Fitness was one of the first clinics in London to use Active Release Techniques. I am highly skilled to assist you in treating any painful conditions or injuries you may have. I use Active Release with almost all my patients so you can be sure you’re in safe hands. I’ve also found that by using it in conjunction with other therapies like FRC, Needling, Isometric stretching etcI’ve been able to get even better result! 

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