Hi, I'm Neil Meekings and I use some very different methods in getting you the results you desire. Tried and tested results from the worlds of Rehab, Strength, Mobility and the warrior arts.

After years working as a Sports Therapist in London perfecting strength, mobility and rehabilitation of many athletes and general public , I'm now introducing my conditioning systems.

I personally got better results from training when I was learning a skill and not just pushing weights and pounding out circuits. Theres nothing wrong with that but for me the idea of having my training benefit in a real world scenario is much better than simply looking better in the mirror. Of course its great to look good but mirror muscles wont help you in the real world.

What I am going to show you is how to train to be better at whatever you do or whatever you want to do. You will learn about your body and its capabilities, how to make it stronger, how to become more mobile and how and how to bulletproof you against future injury.

As you can see from the photo below there are many facets and tools for us to explore. These Persian Meels have been used since the very beginning of civilisation. 

Way way before dumbells, barbells and kettlebells where invented. They were created by warriors for battle training and are an extremely effective strength, mobility and conditioning tool

Above I am demonstrating working on the Right hip capsules internal rotation. Many of us have hips that don't function very well, I see it a lot in my practice. Poor hip mobility and strength puts our lower back at greater risk of injury. And its well known that hip injury at an older age has a very high fatality rate -almost the highest.

Ultimately if you want to be stronger and more mobile than you have ever been before we can start to work on your foundations and build a body to be really proud of.

Control of your own body before loading it with weights is very important to reaching your true potential and not adding cumulative stress to your system.

Here's some videos demonstrating some Persian Yoga, Mace and Indian clubs.

In the video above I am imitating a training sequence usually done with the Sang Shields.

Meels training done to a rhythm in this case itsa 4 count. 

Indian Clubs - Arose from the Persian Meels and were taken on board and made popular by the British army during the 1800s. They were extremely popular as a training tool for 100 years before recently starting to gain favour again.

The Gada or Mace is from India and was used extensively by the wrestling schools as part of their strength and conditioning.

Fill out the application form to send me a message and lets see if you have what it takes. 


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