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Good health and wellness starts with us addressing our lifestyle factors. Any program of fitness or rehab is not complete without taking into consideration what you are doing in day to day life. For instance

  • Do you get enough sleep?
  • Drink plenty of water?
  • Under lots of work or personal stress?
  • Have depressive thoughts, no enthusiasm/energy/drive?
  • Do you eat a balanced healthy diet? (what I call healthy maybe different)
  • Over worked?
  • lack love and close relationships?
  • Do you have any auto immune problems?
  • Are you taking medications prescription or non?
  • Are you in chronic pain?

Burnout which can lead to much worse issues happens all to often and turning to standard typical health care actually can make the problem grow.

Why? because they only address the symptoms and not the cause.

We all have challenges in every day life, your ability to firstly recognise we have issues is the start to being able to gradually over time take them down piece by piece.

Healing and energy thrive in a non toxic environment both emotionally and physically. For instance arguments and stress are toxic or acidic where as meditation and dancing are Energising and Alkalising. The words Acidic and Alkaline are very important to understanding the balance we need to attain in order to feel healthy and well. 

As our bodies become more toxic from poor food choices and emotional or physical stress it opens us humans up to auto immune dysfunctions leading from simple aches and pains through to cancerous tumours.

Get this - The diseases DON'T exists! only the symptoms do and this is why they become virtually incurable because they only treat the symptoms.

If you can honestly say you awake refreshed and revitalised, got to work and power through your day, are able to do anything from rock climbing to jogging maybe riding your bike. Have healthy meals, laugh and have fun, listen to some music take time to be within yourself like some meditation, clean up and hit the sack for 7 to 8 hours straight through the night. Then you dont need any help your smashing it :)

I cant stress enough the importance of becoming more alkaline, it will honestly set you free but it comes at a price. That price is about changing your mental attitude, thought process and physical capabilities. Its about changing and empowering yourself to live a life you may not be accustomed too. But if you want to survive in this life of pitfalls then read on.

Of all the things I will talk about one of the hardest has to be that of nutrition. There are just so many experts and so many people espousing this diet and that diet you can literally sink in the weight of the so called evidence. I do not say that I am an expert in nutrition but then is anybody? I use my experience, intuition and education to guide.

In general many of us are overly fed on poor quality man made chemicals that start to destroy our cells from the inside. As well as changing ones eating habits we have to change our mindsets. Without the ears to listen and the eyes to see you are unable to move on in this process.

 I've studied nutrition for auto immune preservation or anti cancer and anti ageing along with the standard weight-loss programs. I always work on the principle of health first not weight-loss, however though it will be seen that weight-loss is a natural by product of better nutrition. 

I do not subscribe to high protein diets, they are very unhealthy due to the loading on the kidneys and the digestive system, this gets worse as we age. I also don't subscribe to the idea that humans should actually ever eat meat at pretty much any time and cooked makes it worse. That being said I was once a meat eater, a BIG meat eater for most of my life, I'd go carnivore before being a veggie any day of the week. I used to look at vegetarians and vegans as being weak and pathetic. Till one day when I acquired some different information that made me step outside of the cookie cutter nutrition world and look even deeper into human anatomy and physiology. I eventually had my epiphany and came to the conclusion that we humans are more naturally designed to eat fruits and vegetables than meat and processed foods, in fact we thrive on fruit.

Now there has been a massive campaign over the years to discredit anything that goes against the mainstream nutritional ideas. Meat eating for example is seen as some kind of right of passage and we are all brain washed into believing that these great hunks of meat (flesh) are good for us. I say NO stop and think!

Like did you know you don't actually need protein as such? you just need the Amino Acids that are synthesised from the protein. It takes so much more energy and resources from the body to draw amino acids that are in meat than it does from fruits or vegetables. It's around 72 hours for meat, 7 hours for veggies (10 if cooked) and 5 hrs for fruit. So for 72 hours that dead flesh of an animal is fermenting in your gut. As I got older I thought it was too many carbs causing me energy problems but it was nothing compared to the dead flesh I'd been chucking inside myself for decades.....Fruit and veggies by the way have plenty of aminos acids and you don't need no where near the ridiculous amounts that many people throw at us.

There are some many negative aspects caused by a diet that is not sustaining us as the way we were created. 

It's a hard one to accept and there are lots of arguments against it but the idea that humans could for instance stalk and pull down a deer, rip it open and eat the offal from the Deers gut, is firstly impossible and secondly pretty preposterous.

A humans digestive tract is nothing like that of a carnivore or even an omnivore for that matter due to our intestines being so much longer, thats just one small factor of many that you should research.

Look into A.G.E's Advanced Glycation End-Products which are compounds that form when we cook food especially in meat and dairy products. They are highly oxidative and damage our cells and contribute to ageing and auto immune dysfunction.

Here's a quote from the great scientist and expert Nutritionalist Dr John Rose who says "You've all got a serpent in your belly" this literally translates as around 10 to 20 lbs of mucoid sludge stuck inside your intestines fermenting and rotting and causing all kinds of ailments.

No wonder we are suffering from so may ailments.

Meat is tainted with man made chemicals not forgetting the stress hormones which are released when the animal is being killed. Theres no two ways around it, you can accept it or move on but I tell you when I gave up on a life time of meat eating it was a truly enlightening experience. I found myself slap bang in an episode of the walking dead, all around me everywhere where the Zombies, only they don't know that I don't eat meat ;)

The people that have followed the methods I lay out often have their pains disappear completely, mainly through just adding more water and better eating habits. Add stretching, mobility and stability training and the package starts to really come together.

I can't deny that eating say a ketogenic or a Paleo diet does work for weight reduction and energy improvement. However one of the factor why these diets help is because we are also cutting back on all those other man made products like processed carbohydrates so its also going to be a big bonus. Keto isn't the way we are designed to work in the longer term, its a stop gap at best but shouldn't be continued for too long. 

From an ethical standpoint eating dead things and having that on your breath turns you into a modern day Zombie :) (no eating pigs bum here!)

Civilisations of the past that ate a vegetarian diet where more intelligent and more spiritually connected than the war like meat eating tribes. India for example was originally totally vegetarian until the western world showed up, and their deep routed spiritual and physical world knowledge is far and above what many of us in the western world have experienced.

If you're not familiar with the term BioPhoton then please take some time to do some research into the subject. It's the energy that the sun gives to our plants/food which then hopefully goes into us and Ionises our systems on a molecular level. We are electrical beings than need more than just the standard macronutrients that every one is continually arguing about like carbs, fats and proteins. 

If you really want to repair your body you will have to go Meat and Dairy free, doesn't have to be all at once there can be a gradual process of elimination. If you are not prepared to change then you are not ready to become superhuman or supernatural please move along to the next fad diet. Humans massively benefit from eating raw fruits and vegetables, as much as possible, this is the natural way.

This is not a perfect world so we move towards it by cutting back as much as we can over time.

I also recommend supplements such as 

We must be very careful of man made supplements, what we think we are taking isn't always whats on the label or in the bottle. For instance I did some research into Vitamin D and found a strong link to Rat Poison. Yup thats right some forms of Vit D for human consumption contain Rat Poison, I think the info is somewhere on my instagram page you'll have to go check it out, my tag is @momentumfitness13

There are a few other natural herbs like Curcumin, that can really help depending on the persons condition.


Lastly is the study of the eye which is linked to every organ of the body andcan give us good insight into how well your bodies organs are holding up. Having an insight into this will greatly assist us in obtaining better results. I simply need a clear photo of each eye to start to piece together the puzzle, but you will be amazed at the results.


Take a look at these words breaking them down using Etymology the study of words

Diagnosis = Bad Knowledge

Treatment = Treat your Mind

So you go to the Doctors to get some bad knowledge to treat your mind. Can you see the logic in this one small statement? 

Fruit = For you It, the fruit is the king it charges your ions.

Forest = For Rest, yes getting out to nature and hugging a tree actually discharges those positive ions stored up and causing havoc in your body.

Non vibrational dead food turns us into non vibrational dead beings, our soul looses connection and we become like zombies following the crowds with no original thought.

Sugar and Yeast will cause Cancer stay away from them, not simple sugars as in fruits. Your Ionic structure becomes what you are eating and if you eat of this earth then you become more intelligent, smarter, connected, grounded, enlightened, stronger, more powerful, lighter, toned, functional and spiritual.

How long does this take? 

It depends on what you are willing to do, essentially just cutting back on meat and man made products like pasta etc can take from 4 to 12 weeks. Like wise going to a more raw fruit and veg diet can take several months to a year or two in order to fully clean out your system. 

I don't personally advise jumping straight in as the shock to the system is too great. A steady process over 12 to 24 weeks is a much more realistic time frame and rate at which one can start to change ones eating habits.

Look at fat on your body as toxicity instead of fat, if you cut back to quick your body will draw on all that toxic sludge for fuel and thats going to make you feel pretty rough, so care is needed. We also may need support from certain herbs to help balance your organs. 

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