Policies, Codes & Procedures

Cancellations & Refunds
Refunds shall be granted in accordance with the following guidelines:

  • More than 7 days written notice = Full refund (minus a £30 admin fee)
  • Within 7 days = Full refund (minus a £50 admin fee)
  • After commencement of course date = Full refund Pro Rata (minus a £80 admin fee)
  • Refunds will be made within 14 days of receiving the written request
  • Participants that do not attend, are late for their scheduled session, or are in breach of the code of conduct will forfeit the session
  • All requests for refunds must be received in writing to Momentum Fitness or via email to neil@momentumfitness.uk

Deferment/ hold Policy
If you wish to place your enrollment on hold due to situations that may prevent you from completing your training, then you are eligible for deferment for a maximum of 3 months. Applications for deferment must be made in writing or email to Momentum Fitness neil@momentumfitness.uk There is a deferment fee of £30 for each instance and request.

Extenuating Circumstances
Individual cases of extenuating circumstances will be considered on a case by case merit. Extenuating circumstances may include but not be limited to: Sickness or death in immediate family. Individual serious medical circumstance. A medical certificate or other equivalent documentation must be provided as evidence.

Appeals Procedure
You may request a Not Yet Competent (NYC) assessment result to be reviewed for up to three working days from receipt of the result. Requests for a review of an assessment item must be made in writing to Momentum Fitness neil@momentumfitness.uk

Grievance Procedure
All grievances/appeals will be treated with confidentiality and will not be detrimental to the student initiating the complaint. For any grievance or complaint, e-mail Momentum Fitness neil@momentumfitness.uk

Code of Conduct & Ethical Practice
As a Registrant you are required to comply with our Code of Conduct & Ethical Practice. 

Clients will:

  •  will be respectful towards their instructor and teacher as well as of their clients and of their rights as individuals
  • respect people’s individuality and diversity
  • provide equal and fair treatment to all without discrimination
  • develop healthy professional relationships with their clients and other health professionals based on openness, honesty, mutual trust and respect
  • always promote the welfare and best interests of clients, placing the client’s needs as a priority
  • avoid any inappropriate behavior and language in all teacher, student and client relationships, ensuring physical contact is appropriate and necessary and undertaken with the client’s approval respect the skills, training and expertise of other professionals and institutions
  • safeguard confidential information relating to clients, be discreet in any conversations and not impart any personal information to any third party without consent, ensuring compliance with privacy legislation
  • should not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs which adversely affect the performance of their professional duties.
  • should ensure, when publishing articles or comments, that it is clear whether they are representing Momentum Fitness or whether they are making personal comment
  • encourage and assist others to understand the activities, role and importance of our organisation
  • refrain from spreading false or misleading information, whether written, spoken or implied
  • refrain from intentionally compromising the professional reputation of any other member
  • never provide false or misleading information about their skills or qualifications
  • should promote Momentum Fitness and protect and enhance it's reputation
  • should strive to represent the Pahlavani culture and values of chivalry, humility, courage, self-respect and respect for others and strength of character & integrity

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