If you're the type of person who can train by themselves and can hold yourself accountable plus you have the drive to commit, then you may just need an awesome program to follow.

With some details and a little tweaking you can be on your way to working on a tailored program for 8 to 12 weeks maybe more.

I can provide you with anything from a rehab program to recover from injury and bulletproof yourself, a weightlifting program or even a mace, club and kettlebell system that will build incredible strength and mobility.

What ever it is I can guarantee you a program that suits you. Ideally we can have a Skype call just so we can get to know one another, go over the program details, then you are off and running. You can then choose when we next need to schedule a call which can be from say once per week to once per month.

You get the expert advice and programming for the fraction of the cost of utilising a personal trainer. This way you can access my 40+ years of training and rehab experience without such a big outlay. 

We can also go over any nutritional requirements plus vitamins/minerals and supplements so you are thriving not just surviving. Ive seen too many people over the years literally beat themselves to the ground with overly tough training whilst on a starvation diet. This will just ruin your body over time, I know because I've done it!

I did the ridiculous bodybuilding training programs with tons of added protein, the crazy martial arts session that lasted three hours. Yeh thats all great when your 25 years old but what about when your North of 40 say? what happens then? you know you're not finished right?, but you keep trying to train the same as when you was younger and you just get your arse kicked, then get tired, disheartened and give up for a month till you feel better and start again. Ive seen so many many times older guys and girls being beaten by young trainers it makes me wince when I see it. 

You just have to train accordingly is all, take into account how much experience do you have? how many injuries now and in the past? theres many factors to consider, its your health right? I don't know about you but there's not many people I would trust to advise me, and I would say that you need to be even more careful because you likely don't have the experience.

So why should you trust me? well because I've 40 years plus in training and rehab. I started with Judo when I was 10 years old, moved on to play Rugby, Athletics, American Football, Aikido, JuJitsu, Karate, Weightlifting and some of these to a pretty high standard as a coach and an instructor. After I injured my spine and knees I underwent surgery in my early thirties which flipped a switch in my mind. You see the Doctors and surgeons don't tell you what you really need to know. They don't tell us how we can massively reduce things like arthritis and other injury aches and pains.

So I've now spent TEN years training in everything from Sports Massage to Acupuncture picking up specific advanced rehabilitation protocols Like Active Release Techniques ART, Functional Range Conditioning FRC, Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilisation DNS and many more standard protocols include Weightlifting, Kettlebell Coaching, Indian Clubs swinging and Mace training. Ive worked in Elite Athletics and had my own rehab practice  Kinect Health  in London for many years in order to help people prevent or rehab from injuries just like I had all those years ago. Injuries that stopped me doing the things I loved to do. So when I realised how The wool had been pulled over my eyes it was a massive game changer to my own health as well as too those I have been helping over the last ten years.

Now you don't have to spend ten years learning all this stuff, I can cut straight to the chase and tell you like it is, so you don't have to rely on doctors or physio's, so you can learn what you really need to do to get your body back on track and working more efficiently.

I'm not going to lie I do call bullshit on a lot of current thinking, and unless you are open to these ideas you may not be comfortable with the change.

For long term health and fitness benefits you've got to get your mindset out of the popularised exercise and nutrition. You've got to think outside the box, and you have to be prepared to not only be challenged physically but mentally as well.

We call it the Heroes journey which is a term I picked up from an amazing Scientists and trainer buy the name of Mr John Rose. This journey is long and filled with dead ends, no through roads and bandit country. 

So if you have the ears to listen and the eyes to see why not drop me a line and we can see if we are a good fit to help you on your journey top better health and fitness.

Here's and Example training program for say an average mum or dad we will call them Jim and Rosie whose not been exercising for a few years now but Rosie once played good level Netball and Jim was a local town Rugby player. Now they've hit 43 and suddenly things are starting to feel a little stiff and painful plus they are getting out of breath far to quick. Jim has a bad back, a bulging belly and feels less manly whilst Rosie has a stiff neck and upper back, her hips are carrying to much fat and her arms are going flabby. They currently are on about 7000-8000 steps per day, and carrying approx 2 stone of weight too much. 

This program gives you a very rough outline and doesn't mention specifics in the way of nutrition and supplements but you'll get the idea. Everything would be tailored in more detail to the individual.


  • 10,000 steps, 
  • AM - Joint mobility targeting main issues for 10mins
  • Indian Club Swinging Warm up 5-10mins
  • Bodyweight Squats 3-5 x 10-20, Pressups 3-5 x 5-20, 
  • Hip/knee/ankle Mobility work according to individual needs


  • 10,000 steps
  • Stretching 20mins
  • Mobility 20mins


  • 10,000 steps throughout day
  • AM - Joint mobility 10mins
  • Mace or Clubs 20mins Strength and Mobility circuits
  • Kettlebell Swings 5 x 10-20, Squats 5 x 5, Presses 5 x 5
  • Mobility Work shoulders/elbows/wrist and spine


  • 10,000 steps throughout day
  • AM - Joint mobility 10mins
  • Stretching and Mobility work 15mins


  • 10,000 steps throughout day
  • Bodyweight and Kettlebells workout 30 mins
  • Stretching and Mobility work 10mins


  • 10, 000 steps throughout day
  • AM - Joint mobility 10mins
  • Heavy lifting at your own level - Deadlift 5 x 3, Squats 5 x 3, Press 5 x 3
  • Passive slow Stretching 15 mins


Rest or active rest go swimming, bike riding, walking etc

Continue like this for a few weeks to build a baseline then we can start to strengthen the entire system. You'll have your own nutritional program to work with which is build around giving you energy, because energy is what we need the most of. Doesn't matter how much protein you ingest you don't want to be using a back up system as your main energy supplier if your starved of carbohydrates. Yes we actually want the carbs and much less protein, specifically meat based protein that clogs up our intestinal system and leaves us with a disgusting mess inside our bodies that festers there for years. I don't care what anyone else says in my opinion we aren't wired to eat meat, its become a necessity to living in cold climates as is cooking it. We do not posses the same attributes as a meat eater or even an omnivore for that matter. If you don't believe me then google the details for yourself and if you can come to the conclusion that we are designed to hunt an animal, pull it down, rip it open and eat its offal first then good luck to you. This is based on my 20 years of researching and trying everything from a meat only diet to paleo to veggie to vegan. Its not that these things don't work because they certainly do and if I'm honest the Paleo style is a good start in the right direction and is not to difficult to attain for the most part. But as we improve we need to take another look at it when your ready, or if your ready, and if you are then working towards better health is the higher goal then we can take the step in a different direction. One that will see your health improve significantly. 

The trouble is we have all been brainwashed from very young into believing certain so called truths which I believe are just ideas that fell into the right place at the right time and made people either famous, rich or both. So don't believe the hype.

I'm not saying you have to give anything up, I'm just simply making you aware of the consequences. We don't live in a perfect world right? I was bought up on pie and mash, eggs and bacon, meat and two veg kind of stuff. But you might want to limit your intake or at least try something different until you can make a bigger impact.

I have clients who have completely changed their lives around, but it takes time and you have to be willing to listen and learn. I cant teach you everything I know in a couple of weeks.

As you can see I can talk for ages :) so if you really want to know a little more drop me a line and i'll be happy to expand into whatever area you're thinking of. Be it rehabbing a shoulder or building a powerful physique or perhaps you want more info on nutrition for improving the aches and pains and have better general wellbeing and energy.



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