We always start with the basics and build up the levels until we bulletproof against future injury.

Performing standard linear exercises only hits a small portion of what is needed in order to strengthen our issues.

Ive suffered many injuries myself and its why I do what I do now because I want to pass on the knowledge that I have learned and help you to get better in the process. 

Standard rehab that's provided following surgery is often laughable but its such a big part of the repair process. If you are under the NHS they are simply so busy that they cannot provide the specialist back up that you need. Even private health care massively fall by the wayside when it comes to the follow up rehab program from surgery.

Maybe you have been suffering from back pain for many years and no one can offer you a solution so you are committed to a life of pills and painful flare ups. Look I will be honest with you, you may never be cured because the damage is so ingrained that it even effects your brain. But you can work to a better more maintained level. You can learn to understand and recognise signs and symptoms. You can take responsibility to find out that your back pain is likely because something else is wrong and you are over compensating.

Like we always say "there's rarely a quick fix" you are going to have to want this and work at it, but I can tell you when you are free of pain and can do the sports or recreations you Love its worth its weight in gold. 

Just as weight loss is more about a change in your mindset that going on diets so improving your physical wellbeing is about rethinking your training and exercise programs. As the great US Physical Therapist Grey Cook said

"You can't cure a health problem with exercise"

This always stood out to me and I am still so surprised how many people are still training away their back or shoulder pains in the gym with no real knowledge about what they are doing. Even worse is trying to follow some online program or taking advice from someone who has no specialist knowledge. 

As I get older I see more and more people taking specialist advice from people who simply are just not qualified or don'thave the experience and maturity to fully appreciate what they are saying.

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