As the saying goes "if you're not assessing you're just guessing" :) 

Ive spent years assessing the movement capabilities of people from elite athletes to retired gardeners and the one thing that always stands out is statements like this.

"I never knew that! no one has ever told me or showed me before and i've seen tons of experts over the years"

I hear sayings like this every week in my practice Kinect Health in London, its usually linked to that astonished look on someones face when they've been trying to work out a puzzle or illusion for years and someone explains it in 5 minutes. Enlightened is how I would describe it.

I simply look at how you move, through every joint and build up a picture of whats good & not so good. Then we work on fixing those problems.

You're back pain may be because of an ankle issue, your neck pain might be because of stiffness or lack of mobility in the mid thoracic region of your spine. Or perhaps your lifestyle is causing a lot of your problems, say for instance you spend 10 hours a day slumped over a computer then take the train home and spend all evening sitting watching TV.

It doesn't take a genius to realise that your daily habits are causing at least a part of your problem. How can you expect to better yourself? You may not be able to change your job so you will have to think of ways to make as many positive changes as possible. Alternatively quit living like a slave and go be free doing something you love and moving and expressing your mind and body. I guarantee you do either of these two things and you are going to feel like a different person.  So there you go, you can either change it or accept it the decision is yours.

'I don't fix anything, I give you the tools to fix yourself'

Its all about balance

The physical pain we feel is rarely the cause of the issue, the pain, weakness, stiffness or injury is just a symptom of something else thats not working correctly. Whilst this is not always 100% true I'd say that in the majority of cases that I see it most certainly is. 

Look at it like this say you have bad knee pain, its on and off for years till eventually you see a surgeon and he performs arthroscopic Knee surgery and shaves your cartilage like the meniscus and collateral ligaments. This can be very helpful but its quite likely that several years later your pain returns, so you head off back to the surgeon. Now sometimes this goes on until a full knee replacement happens in your sixties and sometimes a lot earlier.

Now what happens if we go back in time and you get yourself assessed properly and we find that your hip actually has very poor internal rotation and the arch of your foot collapses, along with some weak gluteus medius muscles? well just any one of these issues can cause horrible knee pains. So unless you address the main problem then you are setting yourself up for further knock-backs. 

I have experienced many of these very problems myself and its one of the reasons I can match up experience with education to do what. You can now benefit from my mistakes as well as my education. 

The decision is yours.

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