I take the approach of a teacher training a student. I guess thats because I spent so many years in martial arts and other physical disciplines where I often took the role as a coach or a trainer. This is to assist you to learn about yourself, your strengths and weaknesses, so we can ultimately build the foundation from which you can excel to a better more integrated you.

We can do coaching online nowadays or in person, many people just can't travel into London but require some accountability and contact so Skype is just perfect for this. You'll get all my years of programming and rehab wisdom which is around thirty plus years for a fraction of the cost of a one to one session. We can set up weekly calls so we can monitor and keep track of what how you are doing. 

Ive seen too many people over the years jump into exercise regimes which are just to far beyond their capabilities. People can cope for a time but often eventually get hurt, tired, frustrated and give up until next time they feel the urge to get exercising again.

Facing the real truth of where you are, can mean a step back in ones thinking. Its pointless you doing bench presses when you cant even do pressups and have not real physical control over your body and a distinct lack of mindful connection to your muscles.

One has to earn the right for instance to train with heavy weights, but do we even really need to? do we need to be subscribing to the go hard or go home mentality? If you ask me the answers is maybe, sometimes but most of the time simple training building on success is so much better. After all Its not a race, not a 12 week body fat reducing transformation for a wedding or a holiday or just to feel good about yourself, these are just ego builders that soon get lost and forgotten by the wayside on life's long road.

We will be building a body and mind for life, its the longest battle you'll ever fight and you better prepare yourself because it has so many ways of knocking you down. 

You certainly don't need to do the insane body building, crossfit, or heaven forbid the boot camp style routines that honestly just damage your joints, tighten up the muscles, and screw with your nervous system.

The human body can adapt with much simpler regular exercise, heres a comparison.

Typical Gym Goer does Pressups once a week a does 3 sets of 12, 10 then 8 reps. These are usually fairly movement oriented and result in failure each time. Total sets = 3, Reps = 30, Time under tension = 90sec approx

We would work on doing Pushups at least three times per week and only one set at a time and very slow say 10 sec down and 10 sec up for 3 reps but we are spreading the load. so 1 set x 3 reps per week of 3 times. Total sets = 3, Reps = 12, Time under tension = 180sec approx

So you can see without taxing the joints so much we massively increase the Time under tension. Controlling our strength from beginning to end with relatively no momentum factors.

Bet for the muscles and the joints and for recovery its a win-win why beat yourself up in the gym thats just creating more metabolic stress especially when combined with a diet high in proteins that just taxes your system even more and doesn't provide you with an abundance of energy, anti oxidants and nutrients for your body to thrive. 

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