Building the foundations in Mobility and adding strength to control it is fundamental to building a more integrated you.

Wether you want to stave off the ageing process, compete in a Crossfit throw down or step into the MMA Octagon.

If you dont know where you are starting from you could be doing yourself more harm than good.

All of our programming can be tailored to suit any individual regardless of your starting point.


One of the most versatile tools in our arsenal and will help build you a very strong and functional body. The kettlebell is very versatile and its shape means it really challenges your stability.

Bodyweight Training

Without doubt if you cant control your own body then you are missing the fundamentals of health and fitness. Get this right and everything else falls into place. Calisthenics and Functional Range Conditioning are the order of the day.

Clubs, Meels, Shields & Mace

Utilising different kinds of tools we can load the body in very dynamic and unusual ways. This kind of rotational strength has often been described as more functional. It hits the core hard and requires great mobility throughout the joints. This is great for older people and anyone who trains regular anyway but gets tight and stiff.

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