For Therapist & Trainers -  Assessment and Corrective's Learning

This section of my site is for those Therapists and Trainers that want to up their self learning CPD and take in some further education with me to learn how to effectively and efficiently assess a clients movement and come up with realistic corrective exercises.

As a manual therapist and personal trainer there was one thing in my tool bag sadly lacking and that was the ability to correctly assess my clients and provide them with the corrective exercises to assist them on their road to recovery or improved performance.

I cant tell you how much it can bring you in terms of improving your clients but bringing you increased revenue due to the extra skillset.

Assessment really was the key ingredient in what we called Performance Therapy. So I went and trained in the specifics of the FMS and more importantly the SFMA Selective Functional Movement Assessment as well as the FRA Functional Range Assessment and FRC Functional Range Conditioning plus many others that covered the biomechanics of movement and just general joint range and function. 

Ive spent ten years perfecting human physical diagnostics week in and out with thousand of clients over the years and still do, so it has become like second nature to me. I was the person responsible for bringing FRC to the UK hosting the amazing work of Dr Andreo Spina who put together a truely amazing system of movement, diagnostics and strengthening that is second to none.

I remember years back just walking to the train station on my way to and from work in London and watching people on their journey deciphering their gait patterns and coming up with all kinds of correctives in my mind for those that shall we say looked very cumbersome and inefficient in their walking. Or when I worked in Elite level athletics with Sprinters at Lee Valley in North London how I would constantly be watching and learning from the world class athletes, coaches and therapists. They would be looking at making such small differences in order to win gold medals.

I still do watch people everyday I know it may seem strange when most normal people are admiring the beauty of others or even their dress sense but I'm computing the reason they are walking with a twisted foot or an arm that doesn't swing freely :)

"No one teaches us how to move better"

On occasions I've been compelled to take out my phone and record peoples gait patterns and then analyse them later on. I mean what you see out there is so startling you really wonder how these people are making it through life. Its the equivalent of seeing just how many people fill the fast food restraints but claim that they never eat that kind of food. How I wished I could just send all those people the correctives to help their bodies move better. Would save them from pain and loosing money due to illness.

Its costs us as therapists and trainers many thousands of pounds to do CPD courses with the big establishments which are great but its very expensive and usually you have to travel sometimes even staying over which sends the costs right up. I can give you the basics in my style and connect you with the bigger establishments so you can take their courses. You might just learn enough to improve your own self and offer more to your clients and get better results.

One to one or in twos and threes we can link up and do some simple workshops on various modalities lasting anywhere from one to eight hours.

You can learn a simple system of diagnostics, regressions and progressions of corrective exercises in a very bespoke manner so that it sinks in fully. Nothing worse than when you attend training seminars you get to work on the Monday morning and you've forgotten half what you were taught.

Personal Trainers

Personal Trainers can benefit massively from knowing how to screen their clients, and then provide a corrective program that will build up their body and give greater results that will be more longer lasting. You have to be thinking along the lines of Performance rather than just weight loss. 

Say your client has Squat problems and you've changed the exercise but still there's something not quite right. So you asses the rotation of their Hip joint. You find a lack of internal rotation, so you prescribe  some corrective exercises into their training program to help improve the Deadlift or Squat. This helps prevent the chance of Injury and improve the likelihood of increasing strength and muscle gain?

Perfect your now working towards being a far more integrated trainer with better depth than the average standard out there. That means you can start to increase your prices because you offer greater depth for your clients. 

Manual PhysicalTherapist

If you are a therapist that has great healing hands and a wealth of manual techniques you really can help yourself and your clients by learning those extra diagnostic tools that will greatlyincrease your skill set.

For instance Learning to recognise the difference between a neurological problem or a joint/myofascial problem and then being able to prescribe the correct techniques will set you apart. It will increase your results, your knowledge and ultimately bring you more clients. 

You cannot loose by improving your education and further doing it in a small personal environment that will give you a better chance at retaining all the information.

You could see me as a mentor that will continue to guide you either in person or through follow up Skype calls it doesn't have to be difficult. Sometimes you may want to discuss a particular client case, in this instance we can breakdown how you went about your reasoning and what you could have done to improve both the original screening and your plan of attack (POA)

You cannot loose you set the limitations of your abilities and if you sit back and think you have enough already then you will be left behind.

Im constantly learning every single day. I take courses I read and I put it into practice what Iv'e learn't

'Sometimes your ability to learn faster than others is what sets you apart'

I cant remember exactly where I picked up that saying I'm sure it was at an F.A. academy in the UK when I was on a training course for the SFMA but it really hit home to me. This is because myself and others I know that where on my journey where and are some of the most amazing trainers and therapists from the UK. People from all disciplines from Massage therapists to Strength and Conditioning coaches.

If you are interested then why not schedule a FREE Skype call, it will cost you nothing but a little of your time but I guarantee it wont be wasted.

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