•  - Resolve pain
  •  - Improve your posture
  •  - Move better, feel better and look better
  • - Increase your strength
  •  - Reconnect with your body
  •  - Have more confidence
  •  - Learn how to take care of your own body
  • - Improve your mobility

Understanding that this is not a quick fix model is very important. I work with people over time to correct their imbalances and/or help them to a stronger and more mobile body, which naturally takes time. Imagine for example that you want to be a black belt in karate, now we know that its not being talented thats going to earn you that level its about putting the time in and being consistent, that's what gets you to where you want to be.

From £45 to £243 per month

*plus set up fee



The foundation of health and fitness is to be mobile, then we can build the strength to control that mobility. Ive lost count of the amount of people with debilitating injuries that have arisen due to over compensation when there is an inability to move well. You just overload other parts of the body, and it can happen over a long or very short period of time.

We want to build the solid foundations to work from first, it's paramount that you understand this before moving on. For instance if you cannot touch your toes with legs straight then you have something that needs to be addressed. Remember that we benefit greatlyby training to bulletproofing ourselves against future injury.

Prevention is better than cure and you will be taking the steps to becoming more mobile and stronger than the average person.

2. WARRIOR TRAINING (Persian Yoga)

Designed for anyone to be able to do this system of conditioning was used by the ancient Persian Warriors to get battle ready. More recently it is used by the Iranian wrestling team on the world stage and they have swept most of the competition away. This is great fun and encompasses many different types of training. It is one of the most complete training systems I have every had the privilege to be part of and dates back to the very beginnings of humancivilisation. This is an art steeped in tradition that touches not just the physical but the spiritual as well.


I've spent many years at my practice in London fixing people with chronic aches and pains. At Kinect Health we found that rarely does the quick fix approach work. You have to put the time in to get you to where you want to be. 

If you suffer from constant low back pain, knees, hips, shoulder, neck, ankles etc then I can help guide you back to a more manageable position.

Depending on your requirements it can Include

  • Initial screening/consultation by skype
  • One to One specialist coaching for training and rehab
  • Learning some of the best movement and strengthening systems available anywhere today.
  • Nutritional guide not just for weightloss but for wellbeing and rehab
  • Training or rehab program with access to online App for recording information and brushing up on video demos.
  • Email support
  • Up to 4 Skype calls per month (once a week)
  • Access to the private Facebook group for more info and connect with likeminded people
  • Offers for your family and friends,
  • Training tips, tricks and tweaks
  • Discounts on other services and one to one live sessions in London
  • First offer to any seminars

Individual Programs can include

  • Foundational Human Movement training
  • Neck, shoulder, back, elbow, wrist, hips, knees, ankle rehab and bulletproofing
  • Indian Clubs and Mace training
  • Kinetic stretching
  • Functional Range Conditioning
  • Persian Yoga (meels, sang shield, shena)
  •  Kettlebells Training
  • Bodyweight Calisthenics training
  • Balance and stability training
  • Sword, Staff, Bow training

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