1. Consultation

Either online via skype or in person, you first need a summary of where you are right now, then we can begin a systematic rebuilding of the new you.

We can design an easy to follow nutritional plan, a training program that will enhance you and not destroy you, coupled with the right mobility exercises to help you move better.

2. MCK Training

Baseline fitness using the MCK method of Mace, Clubs and Kettlebells. Don't be alarmed your about to experience a whole new way of getting fit, strong, toned and healthy. 

No matter your level of experience this system has a program tailored for your abilities.

3. Online HealthProgramming

Not everyone can attend in person and lets face it its far more cost effective to follow an online training system that is specifically tailored to you.

Sure you can go get a million programs on the internet but none of them will take into account your unique situation.

As a specialist Ill work with you to get the desired outcome. Wether thats weight loss, a better lifestyle or fitness, you can get there you just need to focus and work to your specific needs.


So what you waiting for, send me an email and an outline of what your require. If its something I feel I can help you with then we can set up an initial skype or phone call. It isn't going to cost you a penny to find out. 

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