1. Consultation

Either online via skype or in person, you first need a summary of where you are right now, then we can begin a systematic rebuilding of the new you.

We can design an easy to follow nutritional plan, a training program that will enhance you and not destroy you, coupled with the right mobility exercises to help you move better.

2. RehabTraining

First we work on the fundamentals and build up your baseline. This is a combination of Mobility, Flexibility, Stability, Breathing, coordination, balance and strength. We also have to target the areas which are most problematic and remember just because you have a shoulder injury that doesn't mean that it might not be an ankle problem or a breathing problem that helped cause it in the first place.

3. Stability & Mobility Training

Basic Mobility and stability along with core conditioning are fundamental to building on top of your baseline. From their we can start to add dynamic and static strength that will see you pushing past your old sticking points.

4. Bulletproofing

Once you have the initial platform or foundations solidly built then we can start to bulletproof you against further issues. This includes looking at your life style and eating habits along with physical exercise.

So what you waiting for, send me an email and an outline of what your require. If its something I feel I can help you with then we can set up an initial skype or phone call. It isn't going to cost you a penny to find out. 

Ensure yourself a better tomorrow! working with me to transform your life for good!

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